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Meet the Twitter ‘mafia’ in health and fitness tech


A LinkedIn seeks uncovered that more than 20 previous Twitter workers are currently at wellbeing, wellness, and biotech new companies. Most by far of them joined or established these organizations in the previous two years, amidst Twitter’s very much reported official shakeup.

This rundown incorporates yet is not constrained to:

Previous Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who’s currently running a wellness application called Chorus

Previous Twitter industry supervisor Julie Martin, who is presently working with Costolo as head of organizations at Chorus Fitness; and ex-Twitter senior item chief Erin Moore, now head of the item at Chorus Fitness

Previous Twitter information science pioneer Jesse Bridgewater, who is presently running the information science group at Livongo Health

Previous Twitter media heads Katie Jacobs Stanton, who now runs promoting at an individual hereditary qualities organization Color, and Ross Hoffman, now Headspace’s central business officer

  1. Previous Twitter VP of offers fund Jeff Dejelo, now running account at Color
  2. Previous Twitter system and operations administrator Linda Jiang, now buyer advertising at Color
  3. Previous Twitter VPs Elad Gil and Uthman Laraki, who helped to establish Color Genomics
  4. Previous Twitter’s senior item executive Baljeet Singh who’s currently at constant infection administration start-up Livongo Health
  5. Previous Twitter VP of building Nandini Ramani, now boss designer at Outcome Health
  6. Previous Twitter portable market chief Charles Wu, now executive of the item at Catalina Health
  7. Previous Twitter executive of worldwide operations Rita Garg, who left the organization for a senior business advancement part at Zenefits
  8. Previous Twitter assistant Ray Bradford now will be currently the CEO of Spruce Health
  9. Previous Twitter account official Rick Cerf, now an item chief at Grand Rounds Health
  10. Previous Twitter enrollment supervisor Mel Heydari, now chief of ability at Proteus Health
  11. What’s drawing in all these Twitter graduated class? Human services may be the fifth-biggest industry in the U.S., yet it’s very directed, famously intricate and the business cycles are far slower than in different segments.
  12. At the end of the day, there are far less demanding approaches to make a buck.

‘Seeing an effect’

In the wake of leaving Twitter, Costolo got into the wellness tech space for individual reasons. He’s a sprinter and Crossfit someone who is addicted, and saw a chance to connect with others in sports. In any case, he had a couple of different plans to clarify the enthusiasm of such a significant number of kindred Twitter alums in wellbeing tech.

“At Twitter, we were dependably mission-driven,” he said.

So it appeared to be coherent to Costolo that his previous partners would be pulled into organizations with a solid mission.

“In Silicon Valley, we joke that each organization supposes they’re changing the world,” he said. “Be that as it may, with wellbeing, you can see a prompt effect as opposed to expecting to pay some dues to persuade yourself.”

The other factor is the system impacts. Much the same as the PayPal mafia, a gathering of prominent previous representatives that put resources into each other, the Twitter graduated a class in social insurance are grabbing the best and brightest from their previous work environment.

Twitter’s previous media boss Katie Jacobs Stanton served on the leading group of Color Genomics close by kindred Twitter partners Elad Gil and Othman Laraki before settling on the choice to join full-time. She in this manner gobbled up Linda Jiang and Jeff Dejelo, both from Twitter.

“Truly I do believe there’s a system now,” she said. “In any case, we additionally perceive that the (wellbeing) space is totally open and there’s so much open door.”

Baljeet Singh, who now works at a diabetes administration start-up called Livongo Health, said he was formed by the “harsh patches” at Twitter. On occasion of serious investigation, he reviewed that the all-hands gatherings helped him to remember the organization’s central goal. “It bound us together and got individuals started up,” he said.

“I would not like to join a start-up that was doing things your folks used to improve the situation you, similar to nourishment conveyance or clothing administrations,” Singh said. “I imagined that tech could play a substantially greater, and more socially impactful part on the planet than that.”


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